The Center John Paul II sees itself as a missionary community of disciples of Jesus, as „parish of tomorrow“, for all those who have lost access lost access to the Church or never had it.

As a donor-funded community startup we rely on the generous support of many friends and friends and partners and are looking for donors to help build our community.

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We are working on the possibility of making donations directly in the country of origin. If you prefer this option, please contact us.


„I am pleased with the growth of the „John Paul II Center“ in recent years. The Center has taken to heart the Archdiocese’s „Acts 2:1″ development process. It is a young parish where people distant from the faith are given a new approach to God and the Church. Above all, it is a place of discipleship and growth in faith. I wish the center a good success in the construction of the new premises. I hope it will provide a missionary impetus for our city and beyond.“

Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

„Church must be exciting, full of goodness, pulsating with hope, and beautiful! Simply – because the Gospel it lives and proclaims is like that. But you don’t always get that impression when you contact a parish, parish, diocese – worldwide. The ZJP II reminds me of the beginnings of church: Jesus and his disciples:inside – a communal network of relationships, a lot of Holy Spirit and a very great love for the people on the outside. (Keyword discipleship). At the same time, there is a high level of reflection and thus gratitude and learning from over 2000 years of theology and church history.
Young, professional, Jesus-centered, with the stylish charm of today and a culture that learns from mistakes – Church that wants to grow and is growing. (Keyword mission). That’s the JP2 Center. And when you grow, you either have to lose weight or organize a bigger robe… It will happen!“

Andrea Geiger, Diocesan Pastoral Office

„The John Paul II Center is a gift from God to the Archdiocese of Vienna.“

Mag. Tom Kruczynski, parish priest

„We need renewed parishes in our city. We don’t need more parishes, but places where people can be set in motion by the Holy Spirit and learn to be Christians again. The John Paul II Center is such a place: the best way not only to more Christians in Vienna, but also to renew the whole Body of Christ, our Church.“

Dr. Wolfgang Kimmel, diocesan priest, founder of the "Sankt"

“The Church Universal is in desperate need of new models of parish life that is animated by a missionary spirit. I have been following Fr. George and his community for several years now and I believe that what God has accomplished through him and his team is an incredible gift and inspiration for Catholics all over the world who yearn for a vibrant missionary church. The Lord’s hand is upon this initiative and I am so excited to see what will happen next.”

Fr. James Mallon, founder of "Divine Renovation Ministires"

5 loaves 2 fishes
Zentrum Johannes Paul II Support Group

Who does not know the story? Many people, no food and a little boy with 5 barley loaves and 2 fish. God does not need much, only generosity – and already he can work miracles. In this sense we thank all the supporters of the center John Paul 2 sincerely for their participation in the miracle of God. We would be happy to send you our newsletter to keep you up to date.


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„Why we as a family also support the center financially“.
David Schwarzbauer


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We are building a church for the next generation
The new John Paul 2 Center in Praterstrasse