New York. Last week. A gala fundraising dinner. About 300 people came. Before dinner a mass. It was something else. A very talented choir. Trumpets and all. It reminded me of Mozart’s Coronation Mass. „I haven’t attended a mass like this for years,“ was a comment that was heard afterwards. Testimonies of evangelization missions that touched me deeply. A financier who, in the shadow of skyscrapers, gets people to make life confessions. In its finest moments, our apostolate movement „Regnum Christi“ is exactly that: very missionary. If we have understood something, it is this: the Church is not waiting on a move of God, the Church is God’s move in the world. It is how he loves to work. He wants our hearts, but also our voices, our arms, our feet. Our voice to declare and bear witness to his name. Our voice to comfort, to