A church for the

next generation

The New Zentrum Johannes Paul II.

Let’s revive the old house at 28 Praterstrasse and transform it into an open church for today’s world.

A missionary church

We believe that Europe is in urgent need of vibrant church communities where people can experience true home, encounter God in Jesus Christ, follow Him and proclaim Him. Places that become breeding grounds for missionary discipleship. Therefore, we want to build a house of prayer, a place of encounter, a source of growth, a movement of church renewal. We want to empower people far from the church for missionary discipleship and help other churches to do the same. After a long search, we have found a house in the center of Vienna that is ideally suited to implement our vision.

New life for
an old house

In order to realize the reconstruction in the next 2 years, we depend on the support of many friends and partners. For the start of construction at the end of the summer, we need 900,000 euros by the end of July. For this we need 900 people to support the project with 1,000 euros each. With your help we can do it.

We are looking for 900 people to donate
€1,000 each by the end of July.

In order to be able to put the final signature in the contract with the construction company, we still need 900,000 euros by the end of July. This amount secures us to the extent that we can responsibly go into the implementation of the project. „Ask and it will be given to you.“ This trust in God’s providence has already led us this far. And we know that He gives what is needed in due time, even if it is often at the proverbial last second. If you feel a call to support our mission with a donation, donate through our website today!

Public area

Open doors, open heart

Prayer, the relationship with Christ, precedes every missionary activity. Accordingly, the centerpiece of the new location is the two-story chapel. The services are the heart of the center. Each weekend there are four opportunities for different audiences to attend Mass. However, the church doors should be open at all times to all who seek God.

A home takes shape

In the entrance area, a friendly and inviting café is planned. The café is intended to be a meeting place for people with different backgrounds and views, inviting them to go deeper.Um in einer modernen Gesellschaft eine relevante Stimme sein zu können, braucht es Offenheit und ehrliches Interesse an den Menschen, mit denen wir in unserer Welt, in unserer Stadt leben. Unser Café soll die Möglichkeit zu Austausch, Kennenlernen und Begegnung auf Augenhöhe geben.

Church for the next generation

„The future of humanity passes through the family.“ (John Paul II) Sometimes it gets quite noisy in the center: then it is probably Sunday morning and the first children trickle into the center with their parents. The Family Mass has been a fixed part of the Center since the beginning. Special attention is given here to the Kids Ministry – faith mediation and fellowship for our youngest members.

A space for growth

The planned rehearsal space is closely related to an important component of our mission, „Music Ministry.“ In the experience of growing congregations, music plays an essential role. A pool of 40 musicians shapes our worship services. Worship leaders from the congregation are requested for large diocesan events, worship conferences, and television fairs. In the new center we want to create even more space to make music together, to learn from each other and to offer a sound training for worship leaders.

Advanced training and discipleship

„Forming apostles to transform the world“ is more than just a motto for us. This vision permeates all of the Center’s offerings. It begins with the worldwide proven Alpha faith courses, through our Leadership Academy to the „Living Love“ marriage preparation seminars. Each course or workshop we offer is designed for personal growth, to make the content of faith understandable, to relate it to one’s own life and to enable people to pass on their own experiences. According to the biblical principle: sow – grow – multiply.