„I was actually the type of person who didn’t believe anything. I believed more in psychology but nothing spiritual.”

Lisa attends an Alpha course with us and has a moving story to tell – one that shows how life-changing an authentic role model can really be. If you had asked her a few months ago what she thought of everything she was currently experiencing at Alpha, she would have dismissed it as ridiculous. After all, nobody in their environment is one of these “Jesus people”.

Lisa comes from Graz and has many interests. She spends a lot of time with her friends, you can often see her smiling at events. At some point the time came for them to move to the capital – in the hope of a fresh start and an exciting future. So how is it that this young woman who “didn’t believe in anything” is taking our Alpha course?


„I was looking for something and needed help. But I’ve always been skeptical of all these Christians trying to tell me something.“

Lisa’s friends were not necessarily Christians. „I’ve had friends who were more spiritual. I also talked to my best friend about spiritual things, but it wasn’t in the Christian direction. I didn’t believe in anything, I was more on the side of therapy and psychology.“

That’s how she started learning about the „law of attraction“ and getting involved with manifesting things and changing ones mindset. „During this time, I happened to meet my former elementary school teacher, who alongside her husband unexpectedly gave me free tutoring, which was incredibly helpful for me!“


„I didn’t know they were religious at first… and I’ve usually been skeptical of people trying to t