Mirjam and her husband are two friendly new faces in our community. Mirjam converted to the Catholic Faith and received First Communion and Confirmation here at the end of January. How did it come about that we were allowed to celebrate this big day with this young family?

How it all began

Mirjam originally comes from Bregenz in southern Germany, grew up in Switzerland and studied in Vienna. The singer met her husband at university, he is Roman Catholic, she was Protestant and had often attended a Korean church. As the relationship deepened, the conversations about faith became more important to them.

“My husband grew up in his Catholic community and knew nothing else. At the time when things got more serious with us and we started to talk more about faith, he actually didn’t know anything about the Reformation – I, on the other hand, knew all the prejudices from the Protestant side against the Catholic faith. We then went together to a non-denominational church in Vienna. That was also cool for my husband at first, simply because it was a different experience. But at some point that wasn’t enough for my husband and we asked ourselves if that was really all. Then he in particular began to research about the Reformat